Flight areas

Flying areas for paragliding

The best and most beautiful paragliding areas in Germany specially Bavaria

A good research of paragliding areas in Germany can be done on several internet sites. Probably the most all-embracing site is www.paraglidingmap.com. A short registration is necessary but it is free of charge. Additional features with costs could be booked, but are not necessary.

Of course, the DHV also has a complete compilation of approved take-off and landing sites for paragliders on its own online database www.dhv.de/db3/gelaende/.

That is all you really need!


I personally prefer the paragliding areas at the Alps. They are often more demanding, but on the other hand they do offer more flying days and longer flying times due to the thermals.

Therefore, here is my small compilation and recommendation for interesting paragliding areas for pilots and for those who want to become one in the future.

The flying area near Munich -at the Samerberg and Lake Chiemsee- the Hochries

The Hochries, is one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains in the Bavarian Alps. It is the closest mountain to Rosenheim and is visited every day, no matter what kind of conditions. 

And there is a reason for this. The view of the Bavarian valleys in the North, and the Wilder Kaiser mountain range to the South, is magnificent. A lot of Paragliders have visited the place to appreciate this view over the last couple of years.

To the West there is an ideally inclined launch site for up to three paragliders.

To the North and North-East there is a smaller and steeper launch site, which can be reached within a minute after leaving the cable car.

The Kreuterhexe and the Käseralm at the middle station of the Hochriesbahn, as well the Hochriesgipfelhaus on the summit, will provide you with Bavarian cuisine and the right ambience to relax.

Flying at Kampenwand near Aschau at Lake Chiemsee

The Kampenwand is certainly the most outstanding peak in the Bavarian alpine landscape! A short via ferrata brings you to its massive peak cross overlooking the whole of Lake Chiemsee. Two take-off sites, one to the West and the other to the North-West, allow mainly North-West wind directions.

Due to these limited launch possibilities and the dominant valley winds in Aschau, it is less common to fly very far and very high there. But the view, especially of/to the Lake, is a special experience!

Paragliding at Brauneck near Lenggries/Bad Tölz

This flying area is located in one of the most famous skiing areas of the Bavarian Alps. Outstanding for this spot are the different starting possibilities – to the South, to the East and to the North.

There are only a few flying areas where you can find this choice depending on the wind directions. However, the area is not suitable for flying in stronger West winds (and they are frequent). The rough valley wind (mostly from North) that prevails during the strong thermal season often makes it difficult, for beginners to land safely.

A disadvantage is also that Munich is quite close. The area is often overcrowded, and the arrival and departure is a bit tedious due to traffic.

FLying site wallberg at tegernsee / rottach egern

This flying site is located directly at the Tegernsee and therefore in one of the most famous vacation areas of the Bavarian Alps. It also has three take-off sites, which cover the wind directions North-East to South-West. Overall, scenically an incredibly beautiful flying mountain and an interesting starting point to go on cross country flights with the paraglider. For sure, there are the same traffic problems like at Brauneck.

Die Fluggebiete im Inntal, Heuberg und Sulzberg

These flying areas are more or less the gateway to the Inntal (Inn valley). The Sulzberg is in the West and is just like the Heuberg – only reachable by walking up hill. That is exactly what makes these two spots so interesting. In just one to two hours, you can reach the summit via a small hiking trail. There you have a magnificent view of the Rosenheim- and the Inn Valley.

The Heuberg is the Eastern entrance to the Inn Valley. You have more altitude and it is only flyable with West and Southwest directions. This gives you a nice alternative to other flying areas, if you want to earn your flight you should check out these two hike&fly beauties.